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WhiteBark Innovations

WhiteBark Innovations was the creation of two professional Canadians in 2005. With careers steeped in customer service and e-commerce, WhiteBark Innovations is the culmination of their imagination and spirit.

WhiteBark Innovations offers various products and services to the North American market. Our services started with basic website creation and quickly grew to what it is today. We now offer services ranging from sales and acquisitions of domain names and websites to marketing and advertising online and offline.

We pride ourselves on creating original Canadian content. Canadians love the Internet and use it more than any other people on the planet! We feel the love and want to create even more things to do and read online which are related to Canada. WhiteBark maintains one of the largest website networks in Canada.

For business owners we offer services including Canada’s free press release service – Wire Service Canada – www.WireService.ca.

We will work with you to find the best solution for your particular needs.