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We here at WhiteBark Innovations strive to look at opportunities in a different light. We are great at spotting trends and adapting to the ever-changing world of the Internet and business in this global economy.

The WhiteBark Group includes our current domain/website holdings and our various offline ventures.

Those interested in investing in or buying a web presence can do so from us and get ahead as we have done all the necessary preparations to help promote financial success online.

Guerrilla marketing for Indy movie

WhiteBark Innovations Group

The WhiteBark Group consists of an ever-growing array of varied websites and projects. When we see an opportunity, we don't wait to be second, we prefer to lead the way.

We are Canadian content specialists. Let our design group find you the best domain name, and develop your online brand. We can even manage and watch over your company's online reputation. Getting ahead doesn't need to cost your company a fortune, we keep our costs low and we pass those savings on to our customers.

We operate a growing number of not only commercial, informational and personal websites for ourselves and our clients, we also create and maintain website directories so that we may maximize our search engine optimization efforts. With our network of websites attracting over 1 million visitors in the past year and growing - look to us for your Internet advertising and marketing needs.

A recent project was the feature film Bong of the Dead. WhiteBark Innovations oversaw the creation, hosting and maintenance of the official website, online marketing, advertising, promotions, and more for the movie in partnership with the film's production company - Mind In Motion Inc. With a marketing budget smaller than shoe-string, the film won awards, opened in Cannes and garnered mention from around the globe!